Who initiated KRAV

hello! I would like to know, who is at the initiative of the KRAV project?

Emma Nicol Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hi Emma,

    The KRAV-label has grown out of an active interest to protect, nature, people, animals and the future. Our goal is to contribute to sustainable and confidence-inspiring production of high quality food in the long-term. Since 1985 KRAV has pursued development of organic and sustainable food production, and thousands of actors in the food production chain have come together to support our goal. We are now Sweden’s most well-known environmental food label – 98% of all consumers are familiar with the KRAV-label.

    The organization KRAV develops the rules for KRAV-certified production.

    KRAV is an economic association owned by our members. Here you can see who the members are: https://www.krav.se/om-oss/organisationen/medlemmar/

    Here you can read more about KRAV: https://www.krav.se/en/this-is-krav/

    Best regards,


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